This house was built in the 1940’s, owner occupied for 18 years, with no updates made.  The kitchen was gutted, enlarged by modifying the layout, new maple cabinets were added as well as updated electrical.  New inch and a half  hardwood flooring was installed to match the existing old floor, new appliances, granite 3cm countertops and tumbled marble backsplash were added.  The upstairs was enlarged by bringing the attic space into new closets in both bedrooms.  The original bathtub was moved to allow for a showerhead addition and shelving was added in the window dormer.  New energy efficient windows were installed and a rock facade added to the front of the house.  A new gable over the front door allowed the original transom to be seen.  The new entertaining deck was added as well as upgrades to the back yard and landscaping including pergola and outdoor fireplace.

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