Sunset Drive was a renovation of an entire interior and exterior of a home.  Wood panelling was removed, walls were knocked down to make for a more open and spacious home.

Exterior before:

photo (19)


Exterior after:


Kitchen cabinets and counter were removed, making room for an open floor plan, bigger windows and island area with seating:

photo (11)967A9286-1

Wood paneling was removed, the stone fireplace preserved, and the room was opened up to more easily access the living room and hallway

photo (9)


The oven and counters were removed to make room for a more contemporary storage space.

photo (7)


Dated orange carpet in the dining room was removed to install hardwood floors throughout the main living areas of the house.

photo (2)


In the living room, more windows were added to allow more natural light in and walls were removed to give the entry way more open pathway into the house.

photo (3)


Screened in porch was upgraded into a luxurious outdoor living space. 
photo (13)



The bathrooms were remodeled and updated with modern finishes.

IMG_3038 IMG_3039 IMG_3040

The basement was converted into a man cave dedicated to the Arkansas Razorbacks.

IMG_3042 IMG_3043   IMG_3046